Posted by Gomoto Media

The much awaited Cardo PackTalk Edge has finally been launched in Malaysia.

This all-new model has a much simpler design wit cleaner lines, but the real advancement is beyond skin-deep as there are new features in addition to ones upgraded from the industry-leading PackTalk Bold. Hence, the Edge takes over from the Bold as the flagship Cardo model. (The Bold will be continue to be sold.)

Among the many great features of the Cardo PackTalk Edge

  • Music and FM radio streaming, besides telephony through Bluetooth connection.
  • New, upgraded JBL speakers (the control unit and audio software were co-developed with JBL, too).

  • Upgraded noise cancelling feature.
  • New Bluetooth 5.2 chipset and protocol (compared to Bluetooth 4.1 for PackTalk Bold).
  • Bluetooth 5.2 promises higher and faster data transfer rate, quicker pairing and repairing, more stable pairing, and longer pairing range. Additionally, phone calls and music are crisper.
  • 'Over the Air' updates without needing to attach a cable.
  • Type-C USB port for quicker charging and faster data transfer.
  • The Cardo PackTalk Edge can be quick charged in 20 minutes for 2 hours of usage. Full charging from 0% to 100% battery power can be achieved in 2 hours, yielding up to 13 hours of usage and up to 10 days of standby time.

  • Natural voice recognition i.e. the user only needs to speak naturally to activate voice commands. There is no need to pre-record his voice or speech.
  • Cardo broke new grounds by debuting 'Dynamic Mesh Communication' (DMC). The Cardo PackTalk Edge now uses second generation DMC for even better group and multi-user communication.

New external features

  • A new, flatter and aerodynamic casing.
  • Larger buttons for better feel with gloves on.
  • 'Air Mount' with magnetic mounting for secure attachment to the base plate.

  • No external pop-up antenna.
  • The casing is waterproof and dust proof.

How much is it?

  • The Cardo PackTalk Edge is priced at RM1,649 for the single set. The Duo (double) set has not arrived and we will advice the price accordingly.
  • It is available from Cardo Malaysia's authorised dealers nationwide.

The launch event was carried out at Gomoto xPerience Lab, offering authorised dealers, media, key opinion leaders (KOL) and general public to view and experience the new device.