Posted by Gomoto Media

Many motorcyclists are unaware of this but the handlebar grip needs to be replaced after some time. There are also stock grips that need to be replaced as soon as the motorcycle leaves the showroom, in our experience.

Here are 3 many reasons why.

1. Throttle control

Your right grip is the most important as it is through this that your control the throttle, hence how the engine performs. It is always your grip vs. the the throttle spring trying to pull it shut. Old grips may be so worn and slippery that it actually rotates back towards the closed position. It becomes worse when it is wet. Replacing these worn grips with new ones from Domino will help you to control the throttle better.

2. Motorcycle control

Worn and slippery handelbar grips will slip around under your hands, necessitating you to grip harder. In turn, you cannot relax your hands which causes unwanted feedback and handling issues from the bike. As such, you need grips that you can hold securely onto, that do not require hamfisting. That is why MotoGP teams use Domino grips and they offer a wide selection of products to choose from.

3. Comfort

Worn grips are hard and they transfer the engine and road vibrations to your hands, causing them to hurt and go numb, in addition to the grip problems encountered above. Domino grips are tested to damp out some road and engine vibrations, saving you from much discomfort.


Time to replace your handlebar grips to Domino? You bet! The Italian maker also offers many types and colours to fit your fancy. But make sure you buy the original to extract the best performance from them.