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Those who seek perfection in a motorcycle often talks about suspension, while racers always complain about “getting the right setup.” This tells us that the suspension has a very important function, what more on a vehicle with just two wheels that could not stay upright when standing still, then leans to one side to go around corners. 

But before you order your YSS Suspension, we need to understand what the suspension is tasked with. Doing so will save you money and time. You are welcome.

1. Maintaining tyre traction

This is the main job of the suspension system. It allows the wheels and tyres to move up and down according to the surface of the road. Without moving suspension, irregularities will be transferred as shocks first to the tyres, then to the frame and ultimately the rider. The tyres will also bounce over these irregularities, hence compromising their grip.


2. Absorbing shock

Absorbing shock is the job of the shock absorber. There are ones that circulate pressured nitrogen gas, or oil, or both air and oil (usually in off-road bikes) through circuits to damp out shocks from the road or terrain. This leads back to the main task of maintaining tyre traction.

The spring also plays a role in absorbing shocks, but it is the shock absorber that controls the rate of spring compression, hence the term “compression damping.” 

3. Pushing the tyre onto the road surface

This is the one of the primary functions of the spring. However, the rate at which the suspension re-extends after compressing from a bump is done by the shock absorber. This is done by routing the aforementioned gas and/or oil through a set of valves. Hence the term “rebound damping.”

 4. Supporting mass

The suspension supports the weight of the motorcycle, rider, passenger, and cargo. Leaving the frame to support mass (as like old “hardtail” motorcycles) means the frame has to be build stronger, hence more uncomfortable. A hardtail motorcycle also is uncompromising over anything but smooth roads.


So, there you are, the four main functions of a suspension system. We shall continue to look at the different parameters such as preload, compression damping and rebound damping in the next parts.