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Dynavolt batteries are already well-known throughout the world, especially through the involvement in the Moto2 and MotoE world championships. The world's premier battery maker is not merely a "sticker" sponsor, but a technical partner to the entire MotoE championship of electric racing motorcycles.

Dynavolt is especially synonymous with their lithium-ion batteries. As with their tagline "Less weight, more power," the batteries produce more consistent voltage and Amperage throughout their service life, while also being more lasting, at weights sometimes just half of their lead-acid maintenance free counterparts. Besides that, lithium-ion batteries have no liquid in them, thus storage is not a problem.

Indeed, the entire range of lithium-ion batteries were shown to the media and influencers during the launch. Also launched was the range of Dynavolt Nano Gel batteries. Like their lithium-ion peers, they do not contain any liquid. The only drawback is their weight which is similar to lead-acid batteries.

The launch in Malaysia will ensure that consumers will not only have a consistent supply, but also the consultation and aftersales service, which only Sinar Puncak Sdn. Bhd. has the resources to provide.

The launch was held in Gene Advance's latest Triumph Motorcycle showroom at Batu Caves.

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