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There were 1,106 crashes recorded in all three classes in MotoGP in 2022.

Crashes are a part of the hazards of being a professional motorcycle racer, partly because they are always riding to their personal and motorcycles' limits all the time. There are also other factors including mistakes by the riders themselves or by other riders, technical problems and the weather.

But most importantly, there have been few serious injuries and deaths, compared to the number of crashes. The use of airbag suits has contributed greatly toward rider safety.

Total crashes by class and sessions

Although the total number looks large, the 2022 season saw a reduction in accidents compared to 2017. There were 1,126 incidents in 18 rounds, compared to the 20 rounds last year.

Among the three, the Moto2 class was the one which saw the highest number of crashes at 428, followed by Moto3 with 343, and finally MotoGP with 335.

The session which saw the most crashes was during the race. We may well see an increase as a sprint race will be held for the MotoGP class on Saturday beginning 2023.


Number of crashes by rider

Unsurprisingly, the rider who crashed the most frequently among all the three classes was Darry Binder who fell 27 times. He rode for the RNF Yamaha team, in the MotoGP class. Darryn is multiple MotoGP winner, Brad Binder's younger brother. By comparison, the eventual MotoGP champion, Francesco "Pecco" Bagnaia only crashed 5 times all season long.

The MotoGP rider with the fewest crashes was Maverick Vinalez, who only hit the tarmac twice.

The former "King of Crashes" Marc Marquez crashed 21 times, despite being out of action in several rounds, tying with his luckless teammate Pol Espargaro.

The most dangerous racetrack

The Algrave circuit in Portugal has the (dis)honour of having the most dangerous track with 105 crashes, taking over from Le Mans in Portugal which saw 85 accidents.

Our own Sepang International Circuit saw 65 crashes, placing it in 6th place, which the Termas de Rio Honda track in Argentina was deemed the safest with only 34 cases.