Posted by Gomoto Media

Comedian Jay Leno was injured again, this time on a vintage motorcycle, not long after an incident with a vintage car.

Like him of loathe him, he is a petrolhead that does deserve respect for his extensive collection of vintage and one-off special cars and motorcycles. Some of his collections include the jet-powered Y2K motorcycle, 1939 Brough Superior SS100, 1933 Indian Four and many more.

Back in January 17, Leno was out riding his 1940 Indian (although the model was unspecified) when he smelled petrol. Now, remember that he sustained second-degree burns when he was working on his vintage car's fuel line. So, as the story went, he pulled off the road to cut through a parking lot.

Unfortunately, someone had strung a wire across the entrance which knocked him off the bike. The 72-year-old suffered a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and two fractured kneecaps.

He was otherwise alright and will continue with his comedy act this weekend in Las Vegas.