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Could this be the first motorcycle from China to hit 200hp? That would be the biggest headline should QJ Motor go ahead with the rumoured program. QJ is the custodian of the Benelli brand in Malaysia and several other markets.

The rumour mill is grinding on a story that QJ is currently developing a sportbike, based on the MV Agusta 1000 RR, called the QJ 1000 RR (seriously?).

However, the bike is not a Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V (cut and paste, that is) job, unlike certain makers from China. It is neither a Perodua job (read: rebadging). The QJ has an entirely new bodywork, complete with winglets. 

These screen grab photos show a bike that has a distinctively QJ-type layout, judging from the seat, exhaust, swingarm, forks and front brake calipers. The only giveaway that it is an MV Agusta is the MV logo on the engine cover in the video below.

Everything aside, it remains to be seen if QJ will go ahead and produce this bike. They had inked a deal with MV two years ago, but then KTM had just announced late last year that they had purchased a substantial amount of MV's shares, and that they (KTM) will be handling the distribution duties.

Let us see what comes next.

Source: Visordown