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Kanekawa Sdn Bhd, the official authorized distributor of Nolan Helmet in Malaysia is set to showcase the rich heritage and forward-thinking approach of the Nolan Group. The Viaggio Italiano Conference was officially organised by Nolan Malaysia to introduce their latest helmet offerings to the Malaysian market.

The Nolan Group was founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi and it has established itself as a prominent player in the motorcycle and car accessories sector. Inspired by the "Apollo Mission" event, Nocchi recognised the potential of injection-molded polycarbonate for enhancing motorcycle helmet safety. This led to the production of revolutionary motorcycle helmets that utilised polycarbonate, subsequently revolutionising the industry.

The Viaggio Italiano Conference promises to be an exciting and significant event for Nolan Malaysia. The diverse range of helmets are introduced including the X-Lite Series and Nolan Series. In addition, Nolan helmet is available in a comprehensive range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all riders, catering to the riders from S to XL. More importantly, every Nolan Helmet range comes with a 5-year warranty coverage. The featured helmet model include:

The N21 Mini Jet Helmet is offered at an affordable range of RM 629 (Plain) and RM 689 (Graphic).

If you look for an open face helmet, you opt for the N40-5 Jet Helmet which is priced from RM949 (plain) and RM 1099 (graphic design).

N60-6 Full Face with Inner Visor Helmet is now available at the retail price of RM 749 (Plain), RM 989 (Graphic), RM 1049 (Replica).

N80-8 Advanced Full Face with Inner Visor Helmet is priced at RM949 (Plain) and RM 1199 (Graphic).

N90-3 Modular Helmet is the full flip-up helmet at the price range of RM 1199 (Plain), RM1399 (Graphic).

The only X-Lite Helmet Series, X-803 RS features racetrack aerodynamic spoiler, double action lock mech, carbon fitting racing experience and ultra carbon. It is listed for RM2499 (Plain), RM 2749 (Graphic), RM 2989 (Replica). 



With their diverse helmet line-up and commitment to safety and excellence, Nolan Malaysia aims to make a lasting impact in the Malaysian market. All the Nolan Malaysia Helmet line up is currently available at the Nolan authorised dealers,

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