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Malaysian motorcycle enthusiasts had high hopes when Edaran Modenas Sdn. Bhd. took over the operations of the Kawasaki brand in the country. Among them was for large capacity Kawasaki (rebadged as Modenas) models at much lower prices. Well, their wishes have come true now that EMOS had announced the arrival of three 2023 models, namely the Modenas Z650, Modenas Ninja 650, and Modenas Versys 650. It is not a mere recolouring exercise!

Modenas Z650

The Modenas Z650 is a naked bike/roadster that's well-known for its aggressive design and exciting engine performance. Chief updates are:

  • Revised ergonomics: Ergonomics pertain to how the rider sits on the bike, by taking the relationships between the seat, handlebar, and footrests into account. The ergos for the new bike promises to be more comfortable for a wider range of rider sizes, as well as having better handling.
  • Latest electronic features: Finally, the Z650 receives a full-colour TFT screen. It enables the rider to choose from three riding modes: Sport, Road, Rain.
  • Updated handling: Updated suspension and chassis for more accurate and nimble handling.
  • Colours and prices: There are two colours available, namely Metallic Spark Black (RM34,500), and Metallic Matte Grapheene Steel Gray (RM35,200).
Modenas Ninja 650

The Ninja 650 is an "everyday sportbike," being practical and has comfortable ergonomics, without sacrificing the exciting character that is fun for all riders, veterans included. The biggest changes for 2023 are:

  • More aggresive styling: The aggressive new shape is achieved by having a new front akin the ol' Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja-6R. The LED headlamps also enhance that look, what more the racy graphics.
  • Latest tech: The new TFT screen allows the rider to connect his smartphone to it, via the Kawasaki "Rideology" app. It accesses important ride info and data.
  • New safety features: The bike has ABS along with traction control now. It helps a lot in terms of safety and stability when emergencies arise. These features will no doubt increase rider confidence, too.
  • Colors and prices: Metallic Matte Grapheene Steel Gray (RM35,200), and Lime Green/Ebony (RM35,900).
Modenas Versys 650

The Versys 650 is an amazingly popular bike since its launch many years ago. Enthusiasts swear by its long suspension travel which soaks up all sorts of road bumps (on light off-road trails too!). That long suspension also gives the bike a high and commanding stance, especially in traffic. As such, it also acts as a great sport-tourer due to its ability to carry lots of cargo, in addition to the large windscreen. It has all the right ingredients for an ultra-practical bike. It has gotten a whole lot better for this year:

  • Adjustable windscreen: Finally, the windscreen can be raised or lower, depending on your preferred airflow. We usually set it lower while in traffic, and higher when touring.
  • Uprated suspension: The new Versys 650's suspension has been reworked to add more stability for all sorts of road surfaces.
  • Redesigned look: The new version is also given a fresh look, and fits right into the 650cc family. The headlamps are also LED.
  • Colours and prices: Metallic Spark Black (RM38,400), and Candy Lime Green/Metallic Black Spark Black (RM39,100).
Engine and chassis
  • All three models share the tested 649cc, parallel-twin, DOHC, 8 valve engine.
  • The engine is well-known for its punchy low-down and midrange torque. It is especially useful for urban riding.
  • Both the Z650 and Ninja 650 share the same chassis.
  • The Versys 650, on the other hand, has a different chassis with a side mounted monoshock.

EMOS said that all three will be available at their extensive dealer network from end-July 2023. 

For more information on these bikes, please visit MODENAS or KAWASAKI Malaysia' official sites at, or call the toll free number 1-800-880-008 or WhatsApp Careline at +6019-570 8135.