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The Cardo KTM Packtalk Edge had garnered much ever since it was announced earlier this year. However, supply issues had caused a delay in availability not just in Malaysia but the world over.

But wait no more because it is now available in Malaysia through all our authorised dealers.

Let us get down to the Cardo KTM Packtalk Edge's features and specifications.

First and foremost, the unit is finished in distinctive KTM orange. But it goes skin deep because the unit is water, dust and mudproof. Mounting is via a unique "Air Mount" system, allowing it to be mounted on any helmet quickly and safely. The KTM PackTalk Edge also does away with the external antenna on the regular PackTalk lineup. 

But being a PackTalk, it features Cardo's vaunted and updated Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) 2nd Gen software which can connect up to 15 users within a range of up to 8km and rider-to-rider distance of up to 1.6km. The newly designed noise cancelling microphone is combined with a deep wide-band intercom quality provided by JBL speakers.

Just like its PackTalk Edge brethren, this orange version also features the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip for faster, clearer and more stable connection.

The Natural Voice command for voice controls recognises any individual's voice without needing the user to pre-record the commands.

Charging time is also fast: Only requiring a maximum of two hours of charging to yield 13 hours of use time. What's more, updating the firmware can be done wirelessly.

Firmware upgrade has been made easier, too, with the over-the-air updates, without requiring the unit to be plugged into a computer.

As for connecting to the bike, the KTM PackTalk Edge is fully compatible with the KTMconnect app, as well as the KTM My Ride connectivity feature on KTMs that offer the feature (equipped with TFT screen and KTM My Ride option activated).

The Cardo KTM PackTalk Edge is priced at RM 1,699.00 for a single set while the 2nd helmet kit that comes with JBL speakers is priced at RM 529.00.