Posted by Gomoto Media

Introducing Alpinestars' products is not an easy task as the company is already so well known, even to those outside of the motorcycling fraternity. That is because the Italian protective wear specialist is involved in every single form of motorcycling sport, as well as certain areas of automotive sports. But it is through this involvement that we get products that are born out of the experience and technologies used in professional racing. One such product is the latest Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Pro vest, launched in Europe last week.

Motorcyclists are a weird bunch. We either wear protective clothing or none at all. Then there are some riders want to wear protective clothing but do not appear like they are, for a myriad of reasons. Some like to wear heavily padded gear. Some prefer to show their club's t-shirts, hence doing away with protective gear.

The Nucleon Flex Pro vest is intended to bridge that gap, as part of the Nucleon range of additional protective "padding" line up.

This mesh vest consists of a CE Level 2 back protector, plus chest protectors up front. These "paddings" are made of a special shock absorbing polymer. A wide elastic band ties around the waist, to keep all the protectors snug to the body.

The mesh provides ventilation to keep the rider cool. A central zipper allows for easy access.

Now you can just wear a jersey or hoodie over this vest, but do not forget the elbow protectors.

The Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Pro vest retails for €189.95 (RM885.60) and has sizes from XS to XL. Stay tuned to see if it will arrive in Malaysia.