Posted by Gomoto Media

Riding on racetracks such as the Sepang International Circuit requires the rider to be suited up in protective gear: A one-piece race suit, helmet, gloves, boots. But riders need assistance with their suits in terms of fit, maintenance and repair in cases of a tumble.

As such Alpinestars Malaysia has initiated a special program called the Alpinestars Malaysia Premium Lounge, to exclusively support Alpinestars wearers during trackdays.

The lounge features services such as cleaning and maintaining Alpinestars suits, gloves and boots in a professional manner. Leather needs not only maintenance but also correct maintenance, especially in a hot and humid climate such as ours. Needless to say, a well-maintained leather product will provide years of service and more importantly, protection.

Apart from maintenance the Alpinestars Premium Lounge also provides the service where riders need some small alterations to their suits and gear such as the correct placements of their internal protective paddings and certain external parts such as knee sliders. The paddings must be placed in the correct areas in order to provide the best protection and comfort.

The services are performed by highly skilled Alpinestars Malaysia technicians to ensure the best results to ensure that your prized Alpinestars suit receives the best care, and providing the best possible protection and comfort.

If that is not enough, there is an Alpinestars technical advisor to provide any information required by the rider.

In other words, Alpinestars users can enjoy a service that was only previously available to pro racers.

Please view the video below: