Posted by Gomoto Media

If you have watched the animated movie Wall-E, you may perhaps remember the citizens of a spaceship of the future zooming around on their chairs. Could we be a step closer now that Volkswagen had built an electric office chair?

Built by the automaker's Norwegian division, the chair (needs to be called an "office electric chair" rather than "electric chair") includes a long list of features that will make techies and industry captains drool. And no, it is not an April Fool's joke.

The chair rides on 5 wheels, with 2 of them driving. A full charge provides 11km range, which should last an entire week in a modest sized office, while reaching a top speed of up to 19 km/h. The chair has a horn, so you can warn your employees to make way when you zip to your partner's office with air-conditioned air blowing through your hair. There is also a 3-point seat belt for safety, although no airbags.

Besides the VW logo stitching, you also get other car-like features such as LED lighting, USB charger, heated seat, rear-view camera, 360-degree sensors. Not enough? Well, there is the touchscreen in the armrest which controls the infotainment system plus a storage space large enough to accommodate a laptop and documents of various sizes. Topping it all off is a trailer hitch. No, that was not a typo nor did we make it up.

It may be just the reason for you to wake up each morning for the office. In fact, the company said, "Now we have finally created something for all of you who are stuck in office jobs."

Whether that is a great alternative when you cannot ride your motorcycle is up to your interpretation.