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Visor fogging has been a bane for motorcyclists for decades. It is annoying as a start but downright dangerous when the visor is fully fogged up. And opening up the visor is not an option while riding under heavy rain.

Visor fogging is more prevalent in our country where rain is never an outside possibility. It may be hotter than an oven when you left home, but you may soon run into a rain squall 10km further up the road.

Thankfully, the Pinlock anti-fog insert are there to help. Even better, every Shoei helmet’s visor (apart from the J.O) can be fitted with Pinlock inserts.

How Pinlock works

  • The Pinlock insert is a transparent insert. The standard variety is clear without any colour, but there are also smoked (for day use) and yellow (for nighttime use) versions.
  • The inner side which faces the visor is made from a moisture wicking material. This material absorbs moisture in the air pocket between it and the visor's surface to prevent fogging.

  •  The silicone seal around the material provides an air pocket much like a double-glazed window. Very simple yet effective.

A new, unused Pinlock anti-fog insert. The blue "tint" is due to the protective cover which will be removed for installation.

Some tips on using the Pinlock

  • The insert will only work correctly if it is seated correctly against the visor. Leaving some gap will cause moisture to seep in past the silicone seal and cause fogging, although the moisture absorbing material does work.

  •  Do not open the helmet’s visor while stopped under the rain or immediately after riding under the rain until water around the helmet’s aperture seal has fully dried. Water running down the top of the visor can get behind the seal and cause the visor to fog. So, keep the visor closed under the rain.