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We mentioned briefly in a previous article about the SHOEI Personal Fitting System (PFS), so let us explore it in more detail.

Also, in the previous article, while helmets may come in a variety of sizes and fit for people of each region due to generally different types head shapes, each head has unique variations. This is why a helmet may not fit us correctly despite getting the correct size.

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For example, we buy a large-size (L) helmet. The crown (top of the head) may fit well but the cheek pads are too tight. Or, there is too much space between the forehead and the front padding above the eyebrow. Or everything fits well but you feel a pressure point at the sides of the crown. Switching to a larger size (XL) gives you a helmet that is too loose.

These are the reasons why SHOEI created Personal Fitting System (PFS). The service was only available to professional racers previously, but it has been available to us mortals since 2016.

What is PFS?

PFS is SHOEI’s value-added service to provide owners with the fit as perfectly as possible. It is because there is no joy in owning a helmet that gives you headaches and other discomforts and you will soon not wear it altogether. What a waste of money and time. Not to mention being dangerous in some cases.

Check out the video below:

How is PFS performed?

Here is a brief outline of how it is performed by a certified SHOEI PFS technician.

  1. Longest and widest (excluding the ears) points of the wearer’s head are measured.
  2. Circumference of the head is also measured.
  3. Readings are entered into the PFS website.
  4. PFS website suggests the correct shell sizes plus how much extra padding should be added or deducted.
  5. Technician adds or deducts the amount of padding instructed.
  6. Wearer tries on the helmet.
  7. If he/she still feels points of discomfort, the PFS technician will add or subtract the necessary padding.

Although the principle is easy to understand, it takes a certified and experienced PFS technician to fine tune the fit to perfection.

Additionally, our technicians will carry a general inspection and cleaning of all helmets brought in for PFS.

What SHOEI helmets are valid for PFS?

All SHOEI helmets officially distributed Sinar Puncak Sdn. Bhd. are entitled to PFS, including the classic open-face J.O model.

Sinar Puncak, the authorised sole distributor of SHOEI helmets organises PFS clinics several times a year at Shoei’s authorised dealer shop plus here at Gomoto Xperience Lab, so do follow our Facebook page for updates.