Posted by Gomoto Media

Remember the SHOEI Opticson HUD (head-up display) helmet first shown at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show in April?

Well, in response to popular demand, SHOEI will begin selling it in limited numbers in Japan beginning December 2022.

But first, here is some background about the SHOEI Opticson:

  • It looks like a conventional full-face helmet, but with several key differences.
  • There is a vertically adjustable display piece which is sited just in front of the rider's right eye.
  • The projection unit is mounted in the chin bar.

  • Navigation directions and other data is projected onto the display unit and is provided via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.
  • The display's brightness is automatically adjusted via data from an ambient light sensor. However, the rider can select from 5 brightness settings.

  • Speakers and a microphone are readily installed, hence enabling phone calls, voice control and music streaming.
  • SHOEI includes the Drylens anti-fog sheet for the CNS-1 visor.

Those were the highlights of the Opticson helmet. As for availability, it will be sold exclusively at 3 Shoei Gallery locations in Japan, namely Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama starting 17 December 2022.

Available in 2 colours, it is priced at JPY 137,500 (RM 4,461.49). But bear in mind, that price does not include the battery, priced at JPY 11,000 (RM 356.92).

There is a caveat, however. As with current motorcycle navigation, the data displayed on the bike's instrument display is provided through the proprietary app. However, user's of the Opticson navigation system needs to subscribe to the Japan-only motorcycle navigation app called Touring Supporter for it to work. That costs another JPY 8,000 per year (RM 259.58).

SHOEI has not announced the sales of the helmet in other markets. We will keep you posted.