Posted by Gomoto Media

RK Takasago Chain's philosophy has always been about developing their products in the most stressful environment in order to make them better for the consumer. What better way to test this than in racing where every little bit translates to huge consequences. 

This is exactly why RK Takasago Chain Malaysia has always worked closely with the teams as technical partners in the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. This partnership had been established for many years and it is still bearing fruit.

Being a technical partner means the two parties working together to create a product, instead of one party sponsoring the team and having the brand being represented on the motorcycle's fairing and the riders' racesuits.

Several factors need to be considered: The chain must be light, it must not cause frictional losses, and it must not break even under the most torturous use - case in point, the 415HRU chain. Likewise, the sprockets must be as light as possible to avoid rolling resistance and adding unsprung weight, besides the predisposed longevity.

On the manufacturer's part, they must be able to comply and assist quickly in coming up with solutions in case of problems or enquiries.

RK Takasago Chain meets all these criteria and more, hence it is why their chains is ubiquitous in the Cub Prix paddock -- almost every team uses RK Takasago Chains.

Of course, RK Takasago Chain Malaysia's involvement is not limited to racing alone but also lends a carnival-like atmosphere to the series. The RK booth is always thriving with activities, hence the spectators and their families will not feel dull when Cub Prix comes to town.

RK Takasago Chain Malaysia would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizer and promoter of the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. RK grows, consequently benefitting the consumers, along with how the Cub Prix Championship grows.