Posted by Gomoto Media

Organising a ride may become more difficult soon, as the planner/organiser needs to inform the Road Transport Department (better known as JPJ) and Royal Malaysian Police before the start of the ride.

The Director of the JPJ, Dato’ Zailani Haji Hashim spoke of this during an event for a road safety campaign several days ago. He also stressed that such initiative is being carried out due to the issue of large capacity motorcycle riders who ride without the proper license i.e. "full B".

Besides that, organizers must submit the convoy's intended itinerary, list of participants and their motorcycles. Doing so will facilitate the JPJ to carry out background checks on the eligibility of the vehicle's road tax and insurance.

"I have spoken to the Director of the Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Department in Bukit Aman (police headquarters), Datuk Wira Mat Kasim about this. Any convoy more than one motorcycle needs to have the JPJ and police informed ahead of time," he continued.

However, he did not specify the method or channel to submit the report.