Posted by Gomoto Media

In 2016, the FIM Racing Homologation Programme (FRHP) created one helmet certification program for helmets used in the sanctioning body's races; by combining some of the best attributes of other helmet certification standards such as ECE R22.05, SNELL, SHARP, DOT and several others.

2019 saw the first FHRPhe-01 certified helmets in MotoGP, and in 2020, all helmets worn in all FIM sanctioned race championships and events must be certified.

However, there exists a vacuum for off-road racing helmets, thus, also because of the new ECE R22.06, the FIM is set to roll out Phase 2 of the programme, called FHRPhe-02. The FIM will cooperate with the Impact Laboratory at the University of Zaragoza to fully develop the new standard for motorcross, supercross, enduro, rally, and other off-road motorcycle races.

As with its road racing counterpart, off-road helmets will undergo a series of similar, if not the same, tests including oblique angle and hemispherical anvil impact tests, together with new threshold requirements.

Apart from that, testers will select 9 impact zones randomly from 13 zones out of 22 pre-determined locations. This is to avoid manufacturers enhancing the specific zones for testing.

Also, the Skull Fracture Criterion to measure the likelihood of traumatic head injury. The new helmets will also have emergency cheekpad release system.

Passed helmets will have an FIM Homologation Label sewn into the chinstrap, while a QR code on it allows officials or riders to retrieve the helmet's specifications and certification.