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FNG Works is already an established name in the Malaysian custom motorcycle scene, which they did remarkably in just several short years. Among their most famous projects is this Dynavolt X FNG Works Street Tracker, in cooperation with Dynavolt Tech Malaysia and RK Malaysia.

Street trackers are "replicas" of flat track racing motorcycles. The latter are raced on oval dirt courses bereft of jumps and banking, where the riders would powerslide (called "drifting" these days) through corners. This spectacular racing form is a great hit in America, consisting of several classes of motorcycles including the premier category which consists of 750cc motorcycles that make 160bhp.

These motorcycles are stripped down to their barest, minimalist form, consisting nothing more than two wheels, a fuel tank, seat, handlebar, and engine held together by a frame. Insiders call these bikes "framers," so you can imagine why.

In other words, they celebrate the purest form of the motorcycle and that is why a street tracker looks so right.

There have been many custom street trackers, even factory ones that don't quite cut the mustard. But this iteration by FNG Works er... works.

Irwan Cheng of the outfit started the build on a customer's MLE XTM200 "supermotard."

He decided on the bodywork should "work together" with the twin-spar frame, resulting in a one-piece metal monocoque which attaches to the front of the frame and swivels upwards to reveal the speedometer, Dynavolt Nano Gel battery and fuel tank (moved to a location further back).

No, you do not need new glasses when looking at the graphics on the bike. The FNGWORKS and #87 racing number are finished in blurry style as Irwan had intended. He said he was inspired by racing motorcycles zooming by at dizzying speeds when he was kid. #87 is Irwan's birth year.

The front rim was swapped to a 17-inch unit for better balance. The bike's swingarm is aluminium, but polished to such hard shine as if it was chromed. Drive is provided by an RK Takasago chain.

Irwan entered the bike in the custom motorcycle competition at the 2022 annual Art of Speed exhibition and won the International Guest Favourite Pick of the Show award among others.