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One of the most appealing aspects of motorcycle ownership is the ability to customise your motorcycle to your own preferences. It is said that customising a motorcycle is more rewarding, as whatever you install onto it sits out in the open to be viewed, whereas most customisations of a car (apart from the bodywork) stay hidden.

We ran into KT, who rides this tricked out Kawasaki Z800 which he calls "Tiffany #12." We also spoke to the 35-year-old designer about his vision and objectives for his bike.

Gomoto (GM): Is this your first bike, KT?

KT: My first bike was a 200cc cafe racer which I used for my daily commutes. I soon found out that it does not satisfy me because it is not that suitable for the long rides and such.

So, I sold it and got this Z800 in mid-October 2021 (picture below).

GM: Why did you choose the Z800?

KT: I did consider several other bikes of the same category but settled on the Z800 because of its inline-Four engine. That distinctive roar and howl appealed to me. That exhaust note is unmistakable, regardless what kind of exhaust system you mount on. While the SC Project muffler makes the bike louder, it is not overly loud say if mounted to an Triple.

GM: What do you use your bike for?

KT: I still use it as a daily commuter between home and work. Riding saves a lot of time, since KL roads are getting more and more jammed these days.

On weekends, my friends and I will ride to faraway places like Bidor, Melaka. On weekday nights we sometimes ride to Genting (Highlands) for dinner or supper then ride back home.

GM: Why did you dressed up your bike?

KT: It is because I wanted my bike to stand out from the crowd. When people look at this bike, they know and say, "Oh, that's KT's bike."

GM: What are the thoughts or processes you take to dress it up?

KT: I design the graphics or decals in Photoshop first. If it's nice then I'll get installed on the bike. So I save time and money from having to buy stickers or parts that don't look good on the bike.

GM: Did you do any performance upgrades?

KT: No, apart for the exhaust, RK chain, iridium spark plugs and K&N air filter, the engine is stock, because I don't believe in reworking it. The suspension is stock, too.

List of accessories:

  1. Customized LED lights with LED angel light DRL.
  2. SC Project Z800 full system.
  3. Matris steering damper.
  4. Levers and lever protectors.
  5. LED signal lights.
  6. RK 520XSO chain.
  7. RK 45 teeth sprocket.
  8. Frame protectors.
  9. Fibreglass belly pan.
  10. Iridium plugs, K&N air filter.
  11. Assorted CNC finishers and bolts.
  12. Carbon rear seat hump.
  13. Integrated LED taillamp.
  14. Custom decals.
  15. CNC racing footrests.

You can follow KT at his Facebook page Kitti Tatsumaki.