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We have listed the CE standards’ codes for motorcyclists’ Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), so let us start with gloves. Well, Alpinestars gloves, specifically.

The CE standard for protective gloves is:


Referring to the sample label above:

  1. The rider on two wheels with a helmet means this PPE is meant for motorcycling. Not for bicycling, driving, or skateboarding. 
  2. If this box says “KP,” it means that the glove’s knuckle protector was tested and provides protection for the knuckles. As such, be careful because some gloves with knuckle protectors may not have this “KP” rating.
  3. The digit here pertains to the level of protection provided by the gloves. There are levels 1 and 2, the latter being more protective. Please refer to the box below.
  4. The CE standard and its year of revision.

In order to qualify as Level 1 or 2, the gloves need to pass these test standards:

As you can see, a glove needs to be tested for all these criteria before being approved as CE-rated, so it pays to wear Alpinestars gloves.