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One of the important benefits of using a Cardo Bluetooth communicator is rider safety. The rider receives navigational voice prompts and telephone calls when paired to his smartphone, without needing to take his hands off the handlebar.


In view that Grab Food Malaysia offers an essential service to Malaysians, Cardo Malaysia organised a campaign to create a much safer working environment for the Grab Food riders. Through this campaign, Cardo Malaysia fitted the Cardo Spirit communicator to select Grab Food Malaysia riders’ helmets.


Cardo Malaysia recognizes the important role of Grab Food Malaysia riders in providing much more freedom, convenience and variety to everyone, continuing during this time after the Covid-19 Movement Control Orders and lockdowns. At the same time, Cardo Malaysia is also aware of the risks associated with the riders’ job. As such, using a Cardo Bluetooth headset helps to increase rider safety because they will be less distracted when riding. Additionally, Cardo headsets are proven for their hardiness and reliability.


Key features of the Cardo Spirit:

  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.
  • Two Bluetooth channels for mobile phone and GPS.
  • Connectivity to TFT equipped motorcycles.
  • Voice calls, GPS, and music streaming via Bluetooth.
  • 32mm speakers.
  • Boom and hybrid microphones included.
  • Automatic Volume Control depending on wind and environmental noise.
  • Connects up to 2 riders within 400m range.
  • Waterproof casing.