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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to backpacks. By “we” we meant everyone, including non-bikers. There are backpacks that are designed specifically for motorcyclists and even these consist of so many types, sizes, and designs. But as you will see further, the Boblbee Point65n Backpack System is different and advantageous on many levels.

1. Safety

Yet, there are few – if any at all – that are built with the user’s safety first and foremost.

Boblbee backpacks are designed with spine protectors, much like the back protector in professional motorcycle racing suits. In fact, Boblbee’s back protector is UN ECE certified as Level 2 protection – which exceeds the protection provided by most stock Level 1 back protectors in riding gears. Heck, certain riding gears are sold sans back protector!

As such, the Boblbee back protector has the highest shock absorbing standard in the industry. Incidentally, it also provides the best possible spine protection for motorcyclists.

2. Safety of items being carried

Most backpack users consider the safety of their items as the foremost importance. No such worry for a Boblbee backpack because the shell is made of tough, high impact ABS, which absorbs up to 93% of impact shocks.

The internal organizers are designed to carry our items such as laptop, tablet, documents, small camera, and many more securely.

Besides that, the closing mechanism provides a secure closure for whatever purpose be it riding a motorcycle, climbing, hiking, or just shopping at the mall.

3. Lumbar support

Carrying a full, heavy backpack for long periods of time puts lots of strain on the spine’s lumbar region. Boblbee addresses this by designing the lower section of the backpack to provide lumbar support much like how a good office chair does. So say goodbye to those lower backaches after lugging a backpack. 

4. Comfort

Comfort is a must for any backpack user, what more for motorcyclists who ride long distances. As such, the points where the bag contacts the body are specifically designed to be ergonomic, fitting the body’s curvatures. In fact, hikers and climbers love Boblbee backpacks because they provide all-day comfort.

5. Heavy duty and long lasting

As mentioned above, the ABS hard shell will provide years of reliable service. Additionally, the softer materials such as the top cover, carrying straps, back protector cover are also made of heavy-duty nylon (and leather for some parts). The zippers are made by YKK, while buckles are by Nexus.

6. Attach anything

There are multiple attachment points on the bag’s exterior, letting us attach more items and freeing up our hands. Boblbee offers many attachments to carry specific items such as water bottles, phone, camera, and so on.

7. Customizable

There are certain parts of the backpack that can be customized to the user’s tastes, such as the buckles, mounts, etc. 

8. Spare parts

As with accessories, spare parts are also available. So, we do not have to worry should something, although unlikely, breaks.