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We wrote about what to drink to hydrate when you ride during this hot weather spell, so now it is time we provide you with some tips on hot weather riding.

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Be aware that extreme heat is always our enemy when we ride because we are exposed to the environment. It does not take a lot to cause loss of concentration and drowsiness.

1. Wear lighter gear

    We should never ride without full protective gear. However, we should choose those that provide lots of ventilation. In this sense, fabric mesh jackets and lightweight pants are the best. Do not go out there in just a t-shirt and jeans. The blazing sun shining on exposed skin will make you feel hot even faster!


    It also makes sense to wear a helmet with ample air circulation such as a touring or open-faced type. A racing helmet may be too tight unless you are riding on the track.

    2. Wear a sweat wicking base layer

      A sweat wicking base layer pulls sweat away from your skin, letting it evaporate faster and cooling you down in the process. You will feel much cooler when the motorcycle moves, too. Tight, stretchy inner wear will also provide compression to the muscles promote blood flow.

      3. Wet yourself/gear

        If it is still too hot and you are feeling the effects such as shortened breathing, headaches, muscle aches, stop at a petrol station and buy yourself a bottle of drinking water. Remove your shirt and pour the water over it, wring the access water, and put it back on. Having a balaclava is also a great idea because you can also wet it to feel cool under the helmet. The heat and wind while you ride will evaporate the liquid, thus cooling you down. Additionally, cover the back of your neck with a wet towel.

        4. Avoid riding during the hottest hours

          The hottest hours are usually from noon through early evening, so you may want to limit your riding sessions to early mornings or after five p.m. If you are riding somewhere far, use those hottest hours to shuffle around a mall or spend some time in the hotel room or pool. 

          5. Stop frequently

            If you are touring, stop more frequently for hydration breaks and drink more fluids. Run some water through your hair, wet your shirt and balaclava.

            6. Drink up!

              As we wrote previously, dehydration causes many problems while we ride, so remember to drink frequently. But stay away from sugar, caffeine and of course, alcohol. Also, eat fruits and vegetables while staying clear of spicy, oily and salty foods.

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