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You may be aware of the term ATGATT, which stands for “all the gears all the time.”

Unfortunately, that is not how it is in the real world. We still see motorcyclists wearing all sorts of unlikely and dangerous clothing items, some even being ridiculous. Riding a motorcycle is risky enough and not wearing the proper gear puts our lives and limbs at danger.

Here are the items we should not wear when we are riding.

1. Flip-flops/Slippers/Crocs

If your toes hurt like hell when you kicked a foot of the bed, what do you think will happen if they contact the asphalt at a speed of just 20 km/h? Or get hit by rock kicked up by that car ahead? Or contacting a solid object on the road? It can result in some gruesome injury.

2. Sneakers/Gym shoes/Tennis shoes/Running shoes

These are the favourites because they are comfortable on and off the bike. They do offer a small measure of protection as the entire foot below the talus (the bone that joins the foot to the tibia) is covered. However, they are still too soft for motorcycling applications as they deform and tear easily. Additionally, there’s no protection above the foot. Hence, the foot can be easily crushed, and the tendons around the ankle are exposed to great danger (don't ask me how I know).

3. Shorts/Skirts/Oversized Jacket

The ubiquitous jeans are already inadequate, what more bare skin? The legs hanging below the fuel tank are exposed to the exhaust, flying debris, roadside objects, while the thighs have to endure the heat of the engine. As for the ladies, your legs may drive men to your yard, but they will less so due to road rash.

And this is not limited to just short skirts, either. Long skirts may get pulled in by the rear wheel or chain, similarly with oversized jackets.

4. T-shirt/Singlet/Tank top/Tube top/Bikini

Yes, they are essential for our weather, but please wear a jacket over them. Like what we said above, our natural leather is no match against the asphalt.

5. All-black gear

Well, we do agree that all-black riding gear looks bada$$ but other road users are already having a hard time trying to spot us, what more if we dressed like a bat? Look bright to be seen.

6. Novelty helmets

Sorry, Mr. Predator. Helmets are in their present shapes due to much research and development to provide the best possible protection. Novelty helmets or helmets modified to be novelties compromise the wearer’s safety and they are NOT certified in meeting safety standards.


No, we are not plugging our riding gears but really, all these clothing items above offer no protection to the rider. However, if you are looking for riding gear, remember that Alpinestars offers the best protection from the neck down to your fingertips and toes (ok, now we are plugging our products).