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All of us have ridden our motorcycles to some out of town destination for a vacation.

We know: Set a date, book a hotel or homestay prior to the trip (or conversely look for one when you get there), and explore the surroundings. But staying in a prepared accommodation is kind of mainstream, is it not? It really does get boring after a while.

This is why you ought to try riding and camping.


The most annoying aspect about staying in a hotel or homestay are the check in and check out times. You are not allowed to check in before a certain hour and must remove all your stuff and yourself usually by 12pm. It means that you have to plan your schedule properly or end up riding around with all your luggage.

On the other hand, you can pitch your tent and remove your tent whenever you want, especially out in the jungle or on a secluded beach. Commercial campsites do have restrictions but are still more flexible.


 The best thing. You could look up at night and spot the Milky Way if you are far away from civilisation, compared to seeing a handful of stars while in the city. The air is fresh, and you wake up to the sounds of nature. Or if you have always wanted to try your hand at fishing. Swim in the river. Read a book. Cook your own food.


This is your opportunity to get away from the crowd. While everyone jams into a certain waterfall or beach and throws rubbish everywhere, you are at peace while camped out beside a clear river. If you do want some civilisation for safety or reasons, there are a number of great campsites around the country that limit the number of visitors.


Find yourself or family members or friends becoming gadget zombies? This day and age see us growing further apart, despite being in the same house. It is time to camp. Pitch the tent, cook, chit-chat, tell stories, play games in the river – your relationships will flourish and strengthen.


A motorcycle can go almost anywhere compared a four-wheeled vehicle and that gives us the opportunity to discover places off the beaten path. You can push further into the wilderness, depending on your resolve or bravery. Who knows if you suddenly discovered a beautiful lake or cove? Or that a path leads you to a secluded town for the best food you have ever tasted.