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It is human nature to build habits when we do something over and over. These habits allow us to do the same tasks easier in the future.

However, there are habits that do not bode well on a machine that can break the national speed limit in first gear and does not offer a cage for protection. Needless to say, some are deadly, even.

Here are several we should always look out for and hopefully get ride of them when we ride.

1. Being impulsive

The road ahead looks clear and the heart is telling us to let it rip, although a six sense tells us not to because it takes us past a village where there are kids, animals, slow moving vehicles and plenty of blind junctions. Yet, we did it.

Or, another pesky rider tries to race with you and you happily oblige.

We may get away with these seemingly everytime but one day, when the stars are not aligned correctly, we will find ourselves panic braking or worse.

So always think ahead of what may happen if we give in to our impulses.

2. Being too emotional

We agree it is very easy to lose our cool especially with the number of bad drivers (and riders) on our roads these days. Gone were the days when everyone was courteous behind the wheel.

But that does not mean everyone set their goal to kill a biker when they woke up. It is never personal if someone cut you off. It only means they were either careless or just being bad drivers.

Again, just relax, think ahead and anticipate. Be grateful that you are on a bike instead of being caught in the jam, and wasting fuel and time while listening to crappy songs on the radio for the umpteenth time.

3. Being complacent

We may travel on a certain route everyday and know every pothole like the back of our hands. But that does not mean fate will not throw a curve ball your way once a while.

For example, a truck may break down but just out of sight on your favourite corner. Or traffic may have stopped over that blind crest. Always treat public roads and traffic with respect and be vigilant.

4. Breaking traffic laws

This habit may also develop from being complacent. This is especially true in Malaysia where us bikers have received lots of bad rep because one too many like to run the red light. But remember this: Laws are there to keep us safe!

5. Not wanting to learn/Being arrogant

Surely we have encountered riders who talked so highly about themselves as if they are only one rung below Marc Marquez. Then we see them handling their bikes all over the place. Forget about them, but as for ourselves, we should always take some time to reevaluate our riding.

For example, we almost overshot a corner coming up Genting. Sit down and think, "What did I do wrong?" and seek the answer from credible sources such us from books written by experts such as Keith Code or Ken Park. On that note, do not attempt to seek answers from forums such as Quora.

You can also attend advanced riding schools such as Most Fun Gym and California Superbike School Malaysia, among others.