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Modern motorcycles are highly evolved and consequently, they hardly ever break down anymore, but that does not rule out emergency situations.

It is during these emergencies that we wished we had more tools at hand, instead of being stranded with just our phones to call the motorcycle ambulance. Most motorcycles are equipped with tools but the tool pack contains just several basic ones may not get us home. As such, we need these essential tools.

But do not get us wrong: You do not have to transfer every single piece of tool from your tool box to your bike.

1. Multitool


Depending on the type you purchased, a multitool consists of several essential tools. Make sure yours has a pair of strong pliers, sharp knife to begin with.

2. Pliers


If you already have a multitool, get a pair of long-nosed pliers to reach into those nooks and crannies of the bike.

3. Screwdrivers

Have one Philips (cross) head and two sizes of straight edge screwdrivers ready. The one in your tool pack or on your multitool may not be long enough.

4. Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is not the best tool because it has a propensity to round out nuts and bolts. However, it becomes a necessary evil in emergency repairs unless you carry the entire set of wrenches and/or sockets.

5. Allen keys

Allen keys are essential because there are many parts of motorcycles that use Allen bolts. Just carry along the entire set but best to have those with ball ends as they allow you to work at acute angles. Also, make sure if your bike has torx (star) bolts as well because you will need an extra set of keys.

6. Puncture repair kit

It goes for both tubeless and tubed tyres. You can buy a set which includes CO2 canisters to refill the lost air.

7. Wire

A short length of roll of twisting wire or electrical wire is good to have. The former can be used to tie together loose items, while the former will be of great use if you need to splice into a power supply for any given reason.

8. Cable ties

Cable ties are absolute essentials because there is no telling if something drops off or becomes loose due the condition of our roads, and especially when you ride off-road.

9. Duct tape (cloth tape)

Duct tape allows you to fix almost anything that cable ties cannot. For example, patching a punctured hose or broken shoes.

10. Torchlight

Yes, yes, all mobile phones have flashlights but have you seen how they perform during the day? Besides that, you have to hold it while trying to work with the other hand. So, do yourself a favour and get a separate torchlight - a headlight is the best option.


Several of these tools i.e. items 2 - 5 are contained in specialist tool sets. These sets usually also contain several sizes of socket drivers and screwdriver heads. However, they do not contain the larger sizes so you may still need to carry several tools separately.