SINOPEC Lubricant

Sinopec lubricant Xtra 5W-40 4T ( SN/MB ) Fully Synthetic for Scooter

RM40.00 MYR
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Sinopec Xplore 5W-40 4T Motorcycle Oil (SN/MA2)

Formulated with fully synthetic technology base oils and a multifunctional additive system. It meets the requirements of the Japanese Automobile Standards Organization (JASO) as a JASO MA2 quality product and is successfully registered into the JASO Engine Oil Standards Implementation Panel. At the same time, this product is rated as an API SN service category lubricant.

Size : 0.8 liter

Application :

  • Designed for modern scooter engine with dry clutch.
  • Fortified with DUAL PROTECH™ technology for enhanced cleanliness and power output.
  • Friction modfied to JASO MB specifications that provide enhanced fuel economy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent engine start-up and warm up sequence.
  • Very good temperature stability with ultra-long lubricant life.
  • Protects engine from start to full power.
  • Ultimate engine protection of its class.
  • Excellent cleaning properties.
  • Formulated for extremely low oil consumption.
  • Provides seal compatibility and protection..
  • Friction modified to improve engine power and fuel efficiency.
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