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Product information "X-Spr.III TYPE-I CHEEK PAD"


Stable hold for highest performance.

Its highly adjustable inner padding reliably keeps the X-SPIRIT III in position. And keeps you focused on your racing line.

With our cheek pads you can replace the original padding of your helmet. Or use a slightly thicker or thinner pad for individual adjustment. The cheek pads of the X-SPIRIT III are interchangeable in all available sizes, as shown in the chart below.

You will find the size of the original pad on its back.

The ergonomic, three-dimensional pre-forming and a multi-layered structure ensure an extensive rest of the padding on the cheek and maximum helmet stability even at top speed. Ventilation channels inside allow the cheek pad to cool and dry quickly. The use of mesh material in the padding promotes rapid humidity evaporation.

If the inner padding of your helmet is worn out, sweaty or cannot be cleaned after many laps on the track, a replacement will restore the original fit and quickly provide you with a fresh, hygienic helmet interior.

Set with 2 pads (left/right).

Suitable for the model X-SPIRIT III.

Fastening with snap buttons and fastening bar.

As an option, the cheek pads can be padded by 2 mm with the NXR Comfort Cheek Pad Set (article number, in order to adjust them even more finely to individual requirements. Simply order the article additionally.

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