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Product information "Center Pad J.O"


Chop your bike, not your helmet.

Cruising is not only a way of driving, but also a way of life.
A well-fitting helmet promises the necessary relaxation. And safety.

If the inner padding of your helmet is worn out, why not give it a new one.
If you've been riding with your J.O. for a few years, replacing the inner padding will give you a fresh helmet interior and a comfortable fit.

You will find the size of the original padding on the back of the helmet.

Head pads in different sizes can be used for individual adjustment of the helmet in the upper head area. The pads of a helmet model are interchangeable within the scope of their size allocation, e.g. "L5" - "L9" - "L13". "L5" stands for a thinner, "L13" for a thicker padding, as shown in the following diagram.

Suitable for the model J.O.

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