RK Takasago Chain GB415HRU

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The film ‘Remp-It’ became a cultural phenomenon among motorcycle lovers, besides being one of the highest grossing Malaysian productions after its release in 2016. As such, it is considered a legendary film to this day. Due to its immense popularity, fans have been clamouring for a sequel for many years.

The good news is the sequel is now here. But even sweeter, fans who purchase the RK X Remp-It 2 Limited Edition RK GB415HRU chain will stand a chance the grand prize of a brand new fully customized RK X REMP-IT2 limited edition Yamaha Y15ZR. 


Chain Size: 415
Color: Gold Plating

[Designated Engine Displacement]
Road Race (2-strikes) = 125cc or less
Road Race (4-strikes) = 250cc or less (Single is less than 300cc) (*It is impossible to use in the endurance race.)

Public Road Uses = 50cc - 125cc (*It is impossible to convert from 428 size.) [Characteristic]

It upgrades the durability of the seal from the old model (GB) by polishing & plating the inner and outer plates.

It sets the caulking joint (CLF) which is excellent in safety to correspond to the harsh race. It can be used widely from 50cc base hobby race to J-GP3 and Moto3.

It is possible to convert vehicles using 420 size at 125cc such as GROM or Z125PRO. It improves rear wheel output without sacrificing durability and breaking strength.

It is compared with RK 420 size non-seal chain. Weight: Approximately 10% Weight Reduction
(*1) Strength: Approximately 15% UP Durability: Approximately 2 to 3-times
(*2 *1 It can reduce the weight by approximately 20-30% in the whole riding system including the sprocket. *2 It reduces chain maintenance frequency.

Converted Example for Public Road
[Honda] NSR 80=104L
APE 100=104L

KSR110=100L Z125PRO=100L
*It requires a sprocket replacement to 415 size. The L number is a ratio reference value of the OEM length.
*The fitting that is included in the chain is CL (clip type).
*It requires sprocket replacement too 415 size.
*The L number is a reference value of OEM length.
*Please note that the product specification are subjected to change without prior notice.

[For using the chain safely]
*Appearance: It may cause chain breakage etc. scratches, rust, wear on the chain and sprocket are observed, bending failure, seal dropout of the seal chain, or abnormal noise during running.

Please replaced the chain and sprocket at the same time in case the above events or chain adjustment is near the limit because it has an expiration date.

*Please make sure to replace the chain when the battery liquid adheres to the chain because it may cause breakage of the chain.

Please make sure to clean it when anti-freezing aganet adheres.
*The drive chain is an important

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