Rk Bicycle Chains Lube All Condition Lube

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Outline Rk Bicycle Chain Lube (All Condition Lube) is an oil spray made especially for chains. It is superior in permeability, lubricity and anti-rust quality in the pin bushes of chains. It also can be used in the metal chains of forklifts, motorcycle, and agricultural machines.

1) It is superior in permeating fine areas, such as the pin bush, and helps in preventing the chain from getting stretched or rusty.

2) It has an appropriate level of viscosity and is superior in terms of remaining in the chain.

3) It is suitable for a wide range of chains, from high speed to low speed, when used in combination with special lubricants.

4) It gathers less dust as it is low in surface tackiness.

5) It maintains the performance of the chain even under low temperature as the film retains its flexibility and follow-up quality. Handling Precautions
• Please do not use it for purposes other than those described above.
• Please do not use it with the container upside down.
• When replacing the standard button with the accessory button (long nozzle), please make sure the contents do not flow out accidentally.
• Please wash it off immediately when it is sprayed on to the clothes accidentally. Otherwise, the stain may stay on.
• Please do not use it on rubber or plastic.
• Please be cautious and ensure that the fingers do not get stuck in the chain.
1. Please shake the container adequately before use.
2. Please wipe away water, oil or other stains from the areas to be sprayed.
3. Do not spray excessively at one go. When necessary, spray a few times.
4. Please use the accessory button with the long nozzle to spray inner or narrow areas. 5. Please spray repeatedly at squeaky areas.
6. Please wipe it away with waste if it is sprayed on unintended areas. Storage and Disposal
• Please do not store it at places under direct sunlight or where the temperature is 40°C or higher. Avoid storing it at places where rust gets produced easily, or at humid or freezing places. Avoid water as well.
• Before disposing of it, make sure it is used up. Bring the can outdoors where no fire is nearby and press the button until the spraying sound can no more be heard. Discard it after the gas has been completely released. Shelf Life 12 months unopened and stored at 5 ~ 35C. Packaging 100 ml aerosol can Remark: Sabah and Sarawak sales is not available.
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