Rk Bicycle Chains Cleaner Degreaser

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Rk Bicycle Chains Cleaner (Degreaser) is a rapid-drying cleaning agent developed for cleaning bicycle chains, bicycle brakes and mechanical parts. Features

1. Dirt attached to bicycle chains, brake shoe and brake drum can be easily and hygienically removed after using the cleaner.

2. Grease or oil on mechanical parts can be easily removed.

3. Rapid drying nature, assist in productivity. Application For cleaning brake shoe, brake drum, bicycle chains and other mechanical parts. Handling Methods 1. Do not use for other purposes other than that mentioned above.

2. For rubber and plastic parts, do not spray too much.

3. The product will stain clothes. Please take the necessary precautions to prevent that.

4. Do not use the can when inverted.
① Place a container under the parts that are to be washed.

② Attach the nozzle if necessary and confirm the spraying direction. Spray from a distance of 30 ~ 40 cm from the surface. Dust will not fly if this is done gently until the whole surface is wet. Otherwise, use the nozzle to point directly at the point that needs to be washed.

③ Allow the cleaner to dry before wiping off with a cloth. Leave to air-dry further before assembling.
④ If the dirt proves to be stubborn, use a brush or wipes to assist in the removal.

⑤ If the parts are not dried properly, the brakes will not work as well. Hence, it is important to check the brake properly before starting the vehicle. Storage & Disposal Method

1. Do not place product under direct sunlight, or area, which promotes corrosion due to water or high humidity or freezing.
2. Before disposing, release the gas completely by pushing on the button.
3. The container that is used to catch the flowing fluid can be wiped clean.

Hazardous waste disposal professionals shall dispose the wiping cloth and the dirt in the container Packaging Available in packing size of 100 ml spray can. Shelf Life Super Cleaner 24 months when stored unopened, at 5 ~ 35C. Remark : Sabah and Sarawak sales is not available.

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