Cardo Refreshment Kit 

RM105.00 MYR
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Revamp your unit with the Refreshment Kit, which includes:

PADS & PLATE: 2x Cleaning pads; 1x FREECOM glue plate; 1x PACKTALK glue plate

VELCROS: 2x Square velcro; 2x Rectangular velcro

SPONGES: 2x 32mm speaker sponges; 2x 45mm speaker sponges (for 40mm speakers); 1x Hybrid / boom microphone sponge – large; 1x Hybrid / boom microphone sponge – regular; 1x Wired microphone sponge

STICKERS: 2x 32mm speaker stickers; 2x 40mm speaker stickers; 1x Hybrid / boom microphone sticker- regular; 1x Wired microphone sticker

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