BARTubeless Yamaha Y15zr/Y16zr V2 Takasago Excel Asia ( FR1.60x17 / RR1.60x17 )

RM990.00 MYR
Black Rim Black Spokes Nipples Black Hub
Black Rim Silver Spokes Nipples Black Hub
Gold Rim Black Spokes Nipples Black Hub
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BARTubeless for Yamaha Y15zr/Y16zr V2 with Takasago Excel Asia Rim
The tubeless system technology from Italy.

  • All-New GvCT Hub - Italy technology Gravity HUB 
  • Size: FR1.60x17 / RR1.60x17
  • Colors :
  • 1) Black Rim, Black Spokes & Nipples, Black Hub
  • 2) Black Rim, Silver Spokes & Nipples, Black Hub
  • 3) Gold Rim, Black Spokes & Nipples, Black Hub

- Off-road Spokes design available in Black and Chrome
- Nipples available in Black and Chrome

- Takasago EXCEL Asia Rim
- Hub - Tubeless system (BARTubeless) From Italy technology
- 4 years warranty
- PnP Yamaha Y15zr/Y16zr
- Safety : Less risk in case of puncture
- Reliability : Last over time, less maintenance, fixable with simple kit
- Performance : Less power absorption, greater suspension readiness, less gyro effect
- Save Money : Less weight and friction, less fuel consumption and tire wear

* Just plug and play * Full complete set (Takasago Excel Asia Rim / Nipples / Spokes / Hub / Tubeless system)

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