1. What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is the all-encompassing package we create for our products that is then presented to user (potential publishers). It should include details about the product, the retail value of the product, commission levels and promotional materials.

2. How do we track publisher sales activity?

Every publisher has a unique publisher ID, which is used in tracking cookies to record which publisher generates what sales. This activity can then be viewed within the affiliate dashboard.

3. What are the advantages to join as an affiliate (publishers)?

Affiliates can makes money 24/7 – Websites and blogs are visible all day long, so publishers can earn income even while sleeping. No risks – since publishers don't need to invest money in this scheme, they also don't have risks. No need for a warehouse – Affiliate marketing is similar to the e-Commerce business model.

4. What percentage will the affiliate earn from each transaction?

Affiliate commission rate is 3% from the total amount of success transaction.

5. Who can join as an affiliate (publishers)?

Everyone can join the affiliate program at by register as our member first. Register Here.

6. How to join as an affiliate (publishers)?

By registering to member as user and/or Agent. Login to your account and in the edit account section, apply to become an affiliate. When registering, the user must complete the form and follow the written conditions. You must agree with our Affiliate Terms to join our Affiliate programs.